Specialising in International Shipping & Freight Solutions within Northern Australia and Pacific Islands


LA Moana is a Freight Consulting Agency based in Far North Queensland, specialising in International Shipping Solutions within the region. 

With the amount of carriers and service providers available, we understand how difficult and time consuming it can be to manage and negotiate. LA Moana help simplify this process for you.

Our consultants will help identify opportunities to streamline freight operations, cut down costs, optimise supply chain strategies and improve the overall customer experience.

Our vast industry and global network helps us to become the trusted and preferred consultants to not only offer cargo and freight business solutions to suit each customers needs, but to drive business improvements, growth resulting in financial benefits.

LA Moana prides itself on the way we are able to develop and maintain relationships with all our stakeholders, this is a key focus to our business.

We encourage you to contact us today and discuss your challenges, concerns and requirements. 

Our consultants will help put together relevant business solutions and plans tailored to your business needs 

We look forward to working with you 

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